Q: Why 1 Exabit? Isn’t an Exabit a bit big?
A: Yes, yes it is.
A: Rather than saying ‘open-ended’, ‘always growing’ or ‘infinite’, we chose one of the newest and biggest SI prefixes. We want everyone to think big and know we can create something significant together.
A: It is left as an exercise for students to calculate, debate and extrapolate… How long will it take to create a digital library of files, 1 Exabit in total size?
A: The larger we make the library, the more valuable it becomes to all. Along the way there are significant milestones, the first being 1 TeraByte – a size which can be hosted in its entirety on a USB hard-drive with current technology, with space left over.

Q: Why not just put content on the web?
A: Why not indeed. For those with good internet connections, the content will be available on-line.
A: We want to provide an excellent digital experience for students in parts of the world with problematic or no internet connection. Even with progress in coverage and speeds, geography and economics will always put some schools at a disadvantage on the internet – but with a large digital library on local hardware, there is no problem.

Q: Why Canada and Jamaica?
A: Canada and Jamaica share a lot – a language, a political system, a time zone, many friends and relatives, and schools with computers.
A: Canada and Jamaica are very different – in climate, economics, geography, culture and internet connections in schools. We can bridge many differences by getting to know each other better, and we can make a difference in access to digital content with direct delivery of a large library of content – walking USB drives to communities if that\’s what it takes.

Q: Do all Jamaican schools have computers?
A: No, but many do. Some have enough money for well-equipped computer labs, others have one or two donated computers. Some schools have none as they struggle to get even the most basic supplies.

Q: Do all Canadian schools have computers?
A: Almost all do, but the numbers of computers vary from school to school. As in Jamaica, internet bandwidth costs vary according to geographic location. As in Jamaica, the ability or desire of schools to pay for internet ranges from very high to zero.

Q: What are you going to do about schools that don\’t have computers?
A: While we wish we could solve every problem, there is only so much we can do with our own limited resources.

We focus on things we can accomplish, that will have the greatest impact per dollar or volunteered hour. The greatest impact will be maximizing the use of computers where only a few are available and the internet is slow or not available. Whenever, wherever and however we can, we support other projects and organizations getting computers into schools.

Q: How is content distributed?
A: Mostly internet in Canada and internet to those with good connections in Jamaica.

From there we save content to USB hard-drives. We develop formal and informal networks to distribute and circulate these hard-drives to and from otherwise poorly connected schools, community centers, churches and individuals. USB hard drives are easily swapped, and come back with new content to be transferred back to the internet.

Q: Who will submit content?
A: Students with teacher supervision.
A: Teachers.
A: Supporters with open, reviewed, virus-free, suitable content.

Q: What content is suitable?
A: Educational, useful, cultural, musical, artistic, community and uplifting digital files.
A: Video, audio, images, text, static web pages, data files of all types.
A: Student generated projects, assignments and imaginative works.
A: Cleared for copyright and open use.
A: Open source code apps.
A: Copies and collections of open web resources.
A: No hate, porn, viruses.
A: Tell us your idea.

Q: Who owns the copyright on the content?
A: The creators. However, they or their guardians must consent to a “Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike” or related compatible license for their works to be included.

Q: Is CanJamEx a charity, non-profit or non-commercial organization?
A: No. Currently, CanJamEx is a group of like-minded individuals. It is our intention to incorporate as a non-profit when we can. However, we prefer to not be seen as a charity, as much as a self-sustaining opportunity. We believe we will create something of value to both the developing and developed world.

Q: Who can get involved?
A: Teachers
A: Students
A: Community leaders
A: Creative people
A: Technical people
A: Generous people
A: Good people just like You!

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