Facilitate the creation and exchange, between Canadian and Jamaican schools, of 1 Exabit* of educational, cultural and innovative data including on-going digital multi-media reports and works by, for, and to today’s students and tomorrow’s international tech community leaders.

CanJamEx is envisioned as a business, technology, culture, education, health, and open-ended exchange of informational content, expertise and experiences. We will grow in response to the individuals in our communities who will flavor clear and honest dialogue in what needs be met; based on clear benchmarks, data, and outcomes.

The central point of focus of CanJamEx is to first: identify the needs of our respective communities; clarify these skillfully and in depth; survey existing and develop new hardware and software technology, including internet but looking beyond with emphasis on tools of equal participation of economically disadvantaged communities; and, only then proceeding with careful delineated exchange.

Our vision for the future is to be a world-wide organization making a global contribution. By reaching out to Jamaican community leaders at this early stage, we hope to make international dialogue a cornerstone of future building, and we seek inclusive guidance on how we can always foster a mindset of “think globally, act locally”.

*1 Exabit = 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 bits = 64 000 TBytes Canada to Jamaica + 64 000 TBytes Jamaica to Canada

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