Wikipedia on Disk

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This is a project with the same basic idea – providing a way for schools and libraries without internet connections to access the educational content that is Wikipedia. I love what they have done, and would like to build upon it.

Wikipedia not only allows copy and paste of sentences, paragraphs and pages under its Creative Commons license, they also encourage and provide tools for bulk copying. Kiwix has taken advantage of this generosity and turned it into a real tool for students in the developing world.

I would like to see CanJamEx go even further with more content, and with a distribution network.  We can include this content as is, and use the wiki format and Kiwix software on additional content we generate.  The distribution network – formal and informal cycling and copying of USB hard-drives – is the physical companion to the data component Kiwix has created.

Next on my list of things to do is to download a copy, try it out and learn more about the software.

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