Welcome to CanJamEx

CanJamEx is a project: to compile a large digital library of educational, cultural, technical, artistic, local and international content; suitable for use by anyone with a computer, whether they have a good internet connection or rely on a USB hard-drive loaded with that same content.

We want students and community members in developing nations to have equal access to content such as Wikipedia, even if they do not have internet access. We also want them to have an equal opportunity to contribute to the content, again without internet access. At the same time, we want everyone to find something useful, interesting and uplifting that they will turn to, even if they have great internet access.

We believe we can do this by collecting and curating new and existing open digital content, sorting and indexing it, copying it to USB hard-drives, and distributing the drives to schools, community centers, churches and individuals who have a computer but problematic or no internet access. The drives would be cycled around a circuit from remote locations to centralized content update stations, so users would have access to relatively up-to-date content and would have an opportunity to add their own content to the drive which would ultimately be transferred to the net.

We believe we can do this by starting with a collaboration between Canada and Jamaica, to exchange all kinds of digital content – Wikipedia but also music, stories, photography, software, art, lessons, community listings, news and the valuable content you dream up.

We believe we can do this with your help. Join us.

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