The internet is the defining technology of our age, but it has its limitations. Although sometimes described as the largest library in history, it is more like a market-place. Crowded, noisy, and dangerous – these are not things we associate with a library.

CanJamEx seeks to create a large digital library. Organized, secure, and safe for students or anyone looking for trusted information. With a focus on providing equitable access and input, regardless of economic circumstance, we want to take advantage of new technologies that sometimes do not get the attention they deserve.

For example, consider the USB drive. Just decades ago, a portable device capable of instant storage and retrieval of 1 Terabyte of information would be astonishing. A USB drive can be carried easily anywhere people live, and can be accessed by most computers.

Because of multiple projects and many generous donors, computers can be found in schools, homes, churches and community centers throughout the world. Internet access is also available throughout much of the world, but can be expensive, slow and unreliable depending on geography and economics. While there are noble plans in the works to provide universal access, they are years away and may never completely level the playing field.

CanJamEx looks to maximize impact now – by providing information and software that can be distributed on the internet wherever it reaches, and carried further through formal and informal duplication and distribution on USB drives.

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